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Some of the CBD Flower Strains that we offer Wholesale:

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most recognisable strains the world over and is also one of the finest strains of hemp you can find. Often nicknamed Sour D, this strain is known for its energetic feel, potent and vibrant aroma and it's glorious appearance. Whether you are a veteran consumer or new to this, Sour Diesel will always be a great choice.

Sour Diesel CBD Flower

OG Skunk

OG Skunk is another very recognisable strain name to UK consumers. Celebrated for its rich lemon aroma which is fused with a woody flavour with spicy earthy-like notes, this really is a strain that appeals to the masses. This strain is brilliant for those who look for strong earthy flavours in their hemp flower.

OG Skunk CBD flower

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is popular across the globe, having been named after Jimi Hendrix's classic song in 1967. Purple Haze has a potent aroma of fruity and earthy flavours and also is one of the more appealing strains of bud to look at.

Purple Haze CBD Flower


Fedtonic strain is a cross strain between Fedora Hemp and Cannatonic. This is an extremely high CBD % strain and has great benefits to users. One of the more popular strains of CBD Flower, this one is great for consumers of all ages.

Fedtonic CBD Flower

Banana CBD

Banana OG is a well known strain in the US and it's popularity will surely spread to the UK in due time. This is, as the name would suggest, a very fruity strain. An aroma of overripe bananas, this strain will have you salivating.

Banana CBD Flower


Blueberry CBD strain is a brilliant strain for CBD enthusiasts as this has an exceptionally high CBD %. The aroma from this strain is, as the name would suggest, very fruity and fresh.

Blueberry CBD Flower

Sweet Berry

One of the lesser known strains on this list, Sweet Berry strain is known for it's citrus aroma and amazing appearance. A real gem in the rough. Gaining in popularity in North America, it's a matter of time before UK customers jump for some Sweet Berry strain.

Sweet Berry CBD Flower

Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a rare and evenly balanced strain - it is a hybrid and was created from crossing the top Vanilla Kush strain with the Ice Cream Kush strains. A true match made in heaven.

Vanilla CBD Flower