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What Is CBD Hash & How Do You Use It?

CBD is gradually entering the mainstream. If you're one of the many people who was introduced to CBD oil when it appeared on the shelves of Holland and Barrett or a similar supplement store, then you may have found yourself going down the rabbit hole of flowers and buds, gummies and candies, and perhaps even seen CBD hash, then wondered what you do with the strange, dark substance.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is a hugely popular form of CBD concentrate. It is something that people who like to use cannabis will be familiar with from the world of vaping. Essentially, if you think of CBD flowers as being the natural form of CBD, then oil is a more concentrated form, and CBD hash is even more concentrated again. The raw hemp is taken and all of the plant matter and undesirable waste are stripped out, leaving only the valuable cannabinoids (meaning CBD in this case) behind.

CBD hash can be highly concecntrated, containing much more CBD by weight or volume than an oil would. It is ideal for cooking and vaping, and allows for very high doses of CBD.

How to Consume CBD Hash?

There are two main ways that you would take CBD. That is vaping/smoking and using it in cooking. If you want to use hash in a vape, then you should make sure that the vape supports dry concentrates, not just oil. Most high-quality vapes will, but you may need to use a different type of chamber.

Vaping CBD Hash

You can smoke CBD hash the traditional way, but it is very potent, so you should try to burn as little as possible when you smoke. Instead of lighting up and letting it burn away while you take the odd drag on it, put a heat source under a small amount of the hash, and take short puffs so as not to waste the hash when you are not smoking it.

Vaping CBD Hash

If you vape, cut the CBD finely so that it burns evenly. Don't 'fluff' the CBD, and don't burn it when you don't need to because that will waste the CBD by releasing the cannabinoids before you are actually ready to inhale them.

Buy the highest quality CBD that you can for vaping, and remember that sticky CBD is harder to cut than the more solid types. Be aware that even solid hash will turn into a gooey mess when it is heated, so you should use hemp pads to protect your vape. Don't waste your time with the 'liquid pads' that are supplied with some types of vape. It is well worth investing in good quality hemp pads, especially if you are attached to your vape.

Cooking With CBD Hash

You can cook with CBD hash, but doing so successfully is both an art and a science. Cooking with CBD hash requires you to prepare the hash by heating it up to 116 Degrees Celcius for about an hour, for a process known as decarboxylation.

Figuring out the dosage, and the release time for CBD in foods is tricky. How quickly you feel the effects of CBD in food depends on a lot of factors. Something liquid, such as a smoothie, is going to have a much faster digestion time than something like a high fiber brownie, so you should remember that when working out how much to add. A lot of beginners end up putting too much CBD into their recipes, or eating some of a dish, not feeling the effects, then eating more. With CBD, taking too much is not a big deal, just a waste of money. Do that with a THC-based dish, however, and you could be in for a hard time waiting for the effects of the dose to pass.

Remember that when you are eating hash, not all of the dose will be processed by the body, and it will take longer for the dose to take effect compared to vaping or smoking hash, or even taking CBD oil sublinqually. The dose should take longer to pass through the bloodstream, though, and produce good results if you are taking CBD to help you sleep better, for example.

How Strong Should CBD Hash Be?

CBD hash can come in a range of different strengths. For best results, you should look for something that is around 6% to 9%. Stronger isn't always better; it depends on what you want to use it for. If you're simply using CBD to relax then you don't need the highest potency, especially for vaping. If, on the other hand, you are relying on CBD for pain relief then stronger versions may be a better choice.

How to Find a Reliable CBD Hash Vendor

Today, the rules surrounding cannabis are relaxing, and CBD is becoming generally socially acceptable. CBD is exempt from the rules surrounding cannabis, because as long as it is derived from hemp and it does not contain THC it is not classed as a drug.

Some people are understandably nervous about CBD because of the risk of failing a drug test. A lot of the equipment used by the police to identify drugs cannot tell the difference between CBD and cannabis, for example. People who have jobs that have drug testing policies may need to be wary of CBD that contains traces of THC because of the risk of that flagging up on the tests. Given that some tests will flag a false positive for cannabis on someone who has been eating a lot of poppy seeds, this concern does make sense.

For most people, however, low THC versions of CBD carry no risk. Just make sure that you buy online from a trusted vendor that has been in operation for a long time, and that regularly trades with the UK. Huge quantities of CBD hash are imported into the UK every week without issue, and are even sold in high street stores these days so there is no shortage of choice. Choose a vendor known for purity and quality, and you will not go far wrong.