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Things You Be Aware Of About Vaping CBD

If you are asking yourself whether or not you should vape, is it really even a question? After all, vaping has quickly and surely become one of the more popular ways to consume cannabis. In fact, vaping usage has grown so fast that we are beginning to see new CBD vape products introduced seemingly daily. With the market getting flooded with these sorts of products, it's crucial for consumers to stay as informed as possible about CBD vaping to find the optimal products for yourself.

In this article, you will learn about a few things you be aware of about vaping CBD.

Vaping CBD Oil 

A Range Of Safe Options

By this time, you have likely seen the various news outlets reporting that people have become seriously ill and in some cases even dying from consuming vape products that have been contaminated with vitamin E oil.

So long as you are purchasing legal and lab-tested products from reputable manufacturers and retailers, you really have nothing to worry about. To this day, there is no evidence that a single CBD vape cartridge legally purchased has been tainted (while being impossible to 100% confirm). Due to the dubious history of consistent fear-mongering in the industry, it can be difficult to recognise what is actually dangerous and what is actually safe when it relates to cannabis. The best way to fight back against this false narrative is through proper education and Leafly is here to help you with that.


Full and Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate

CBD oils can be separated into three distinct types. One being full-spectrum. The second being broad-spectrum. And the third being CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD products typically contain a wide variety of different compounds produced by the source plant including but not limited to cannabinoids and terpenes. When it comes to CBD products, CBD is going to be the primary cannabinoid found in the compound, but the products might contain other compounds including lower levels of THC. Because the levels of THC likely to be found are so low, these products typically will not produce a 'high' sensation. However, it is an important designation if you are looking to avoid THC consumption entirely.

A lot of customers tend to consider full-spectrum products the most effective on the market because they introduce an "entourage effect," which is a theory that stipulates that cannabis is able to work best when the sum of all of the ingredients are present and working together rather than taken alone. A lot more research is still needed to fully understand this effect and how much it really maximises the benefits of CBD oil.

Broad-spectrum CBD products usually contain all of the compounds found in full-spectrum but with THC completely stripped out. As a result, a lot of these products are produced directly from industrial hemp sources due to these sources naturally producing a lot less THC than traditional cannabis. However, by retaining the cannabinoid and terpenes compounds, broad-spectrum CBD is still able to produce a similar entourage effect without the presence of THC.

CBD isolate products, on the other hand, are completely pure CBD products. Meaning, they only contain CBD and no other compound including other cannabinoids nor terpenes. As a result, CBD isolate loses the essence of the plant itself and this type of product has no aroma. However, they are still capable of providing many of the same benefits other CBD products offer. A lot like broad-spectrum CBD products, CBD isolate products are usually derived directly from industrial hemp due to the lack of THC.

Vaping CBD BUD

Vaping CBD Flower Vs. CBD Oil

Vaping CBD can produce a lot of different experiences that can vary depending on how you consume it. For one, vaping CBD flower is something that requires the use of a flower vaporizer including the Zeus Arc GT or even the tabletop Volcano vaporizer. Whereas, vaping oil requires proprietary pod systems like the PAX Era or even a portable 510 thread better such as the one like the Vessel.

CBD flower is capable of delivering a much less concentrated dose of CBD than what you would find with CBD oil. However, it does provide one of the best experiences as a result of having not lost any of its active compounds including terpenes and even the various contained cannabinoids that oil loses through the process of extraction.

CBD-dominant flower usually contains anywhere from 7 to 15% CBD. The flower contains some THC, but it can range from a trace to significant levels that can actually produce a high sensation.

Therefore, vaping CBD flower can provide you with a lot of the health benefits that CBD offers, but it might also get you high even if it's only a small amount. Some of the best strains that you can search for when it comes to CBD flower would be Cherry Wine, Charlotte's Web, and even ACDC.

On the other hand, CBD oil will have a lot higher concentration of CBD purely because of the extraction process which effectively isolates the compound. Because of this, a lot of companies tend to add more terpenes after this process in order to offer a more balanced and flavorful experience. This is generally why you will find a lot of CBD oils on the marketplace carrying anywhere from 60 to 80% CBD with different levels of other compounds and terpenes.

Each of these is capable of delivering the therapeutic benefits that you can expect from CBD. Therefore, your ultimate decision should inevitably come down to personal preference. However, vaping CBD oil is likely to provide much less of a high than flower even if you are talking full-spectrum because of the loss of other compounds through the process of extraction. CBD oil is also much easier and more efficient to consume as it is much more portable and easier to dose.

How To Read CBD Labels

CBD vapour products that are produced from broad-spectrum and/or isolate oils will have no THC in them. Despite having the highest percentage of CBD, they will not produce any intoxicating effects.

Whereas, other CBD products have much more equal levels of CBD and THC and they can only be purchased at cannabis shops in areas where adult-use is legal. You can expect to get high with these products through vaping but they are still much less potent than an actual THC dominant oil.

Knowing how to distinguish labels for potency is key. CBD flower packaging is always going to have both CBD and THC potency numbers on the label. Likewise, you can expect to see terpene percentages, as well. The same holds true for CBD oil cartridges but they are likely going to be much more descriptive as far as the type of concerned.

Where To Purchase CBD Vapes?

Once you have learned enough about the different CBD products that you can find on the marketplace, your final question is likely to be: where should you buy them from?

In order to purchase CBD products derived from cannabis, you will need to be located in a state where it is legal to do so. This is going to be the best place to purchase any full-spectrum products that are lab-tested and that are fully compliant with local laws.

You will be able to purchase hemp-derived CBD products from various places including grocery stores and online retailers because they contain less than .3% THC.

Keep note, both products from hemp and cannabis can be labelled as full-spectrum, but they aren't the same. Any hemp products that are labelled this way feature the entire full profile of the hemp plant. Despite being classified as full-spectrum, they are not likely to provide the same complete experience that a lot of consumers think about when they purchase full-spectrum products.

With full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, broad-spectrum CBD, or even CBD isolate products, it gets a lot more tricky to be able to properly vet products due to the minimal regulations in place. For these respective products, you will need to purchase them from a marketplace and a retailer with a good track record of selling trusted and verified products.