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Common Health Concerns Solved With CBD Oil

The largest argument towards legalizing CBD oil was for its beneficial effects on those who suffer from epilepsy. Mothers were crossing state lines in some situations to get the treatment for their children that was not legal in their own state. The media coverage created a lot of sympathy as well as a growing argument that CBD containing products should be legal. With the recently passed Farm Bill of 2018, it became legal under federal law for anyone to have CBD oil without a doctor's prescription. States moved towards legalization at different rates as a growing number of voters decided that its availability on the market could create more good than harm.

More beneficial health effects became apparent as its availability skyrocketed on the market. It still has an alarming number of critics due to its association with cannabis. Cannabis contains a high amount of THC and comes from the bud of the plant. CBD is derived from hemp. Commonly, hemp is used to refer to the stem of the plant. The branches may be used as well. The largest difference between cannabis and CBD oil is the THC content. The level of THC in cannabis can be as high as 18%, while the level in CBD oil is never above .04%. Because of the low amount of THC in CBD oil and the products that contain it, it cannot get the user high.

CBD oil has been proven or shown to ease many of the common discomforts that are felt by its users. More medical conditions than epilepsy can be lessened with its use. Here are some of the benefits CBD has been shown to have on those who suffer from various health problems:



Perhaps the most common reason for seeking out CBD oil has been its positive response on those suffering from anxiety issues or disorders. While a large part of the research on this plant and anxiety has been focused on cannabis rather than hemp, new studies have become available with CBD oil legalization.

A 2010 study found that CBD oil may be extremely beneficial for those suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. Ten participants were given a small amount of CBD before a brain test was conducted against ten participants who were given a placebo. An increased amount of blood flow to certain regains in the brain that regulate anxiety was shown in the participants of the study.

Vaping CBD oil may also reduce anxiety simply because vaping can be a soothing process. Ex-smokers may find vaping CBD oil to be more beneficial than vaping nicotine because it takes care of the oral fixation without reintroducing the addictive chemical. It may help them wean themselves off of nicotine altogether. Its beneficial effect on anxiety may also help ease withdrawal symptoms.



Depression is unique from other mental illnesses as it is often a temporary condition. More severe mood disorders tend to persist until complicated treatment from a mental health professional is provided. There are many forms of self-help that a person with this disorder can utilize. Those who are taking medication prescribed by a physician should continue to take the regimen. They should also ask their doctor before trying CBD oil. It may have medication reactions.

There is a surprising link between depression and inflammation. CBD oil is mainly marked for its ability to reduce inflammation. CBD oil can also stimulate a process known as neural regeneration in the hippocampus. This is a structure in the brain that anti-depressants, such as SSRIs interact with to help reduce the symptoms of depression. It helps those with epilepsy because it protects these neurons in the brain that's reduction may be experienced by those who have seizures. The same mechanism that helps it prevent seizures may also make it a good treatment for depression.



CBD oil is promising for those suffering from chronic migraines. It can be especially useful to individuals that are allergic to a lot of migraine medications or simply want a natural alternative. Its a mechanism for providing migraine relief is reducing pressure and inflammation in the brain that might be causing it.



Many older Americans suffer from arthritis that can interfere with doing the activities they love most and cause a lot of pain. Those who wish to use CBD oil to treat their arthritis will have to use it topically. The CBD in gels and creams isn't actually in oil form. It is CBD broken down to the micro-cellular level and is in a water base. This makes it easy for the skin to absorb.

CBD creams and gels help treat arthritis by taking away the inflammation that can be produced by it. Those with arthritis can notice a significant drop in their level of pain and discomfort within one use. Stopping the application of the product will cause the pain to come back.


There's More To Know

CBD oil has not been legal or around for a significant amount of time because of its strong association with marijuana. Those who are interested in discovering its health benefits can learn them along the way by using the product along with paying attention to the research. CBD oil may also help ease insomnia, chemotherapy side effects, and anorexia. It isn't right for every person. Start with a low-level oil and increase as you feel fit.