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Cannabis Coffee Shop Opens In The UK

Starbuds CBD Cafe Opens In The UK

A brand new CBD coffee shop recently opened its doors in the United Kingdom, offering customers the opportunity to try a whole range of CBD infused products.

Based in Sheffield, Starbuds CBD coffee shop looks set to capitalise on the growing popularity of the CBD industry in the UK.

The shop offers a range of CBD infused products such as CBD coffees, CBD cakes as well as an ever expanding range of CBD infused food and drinks.

In recent months CBD has fast become one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019 with demand for CBD oil in the UK increasing at a rapid rate.

Starbuds CBD coffee shop was co-founded by Ricky Chu and his business partner after having his own personal beneficial experience with CBD oil.


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CBD Oil Benefits

In an interview with Health Europa in August of this year, Mr.Chu spoke about his own personal experience of using CBD oil and the benefits he experienced.

“At the time I was under enormous amounts of stress and developed a Tourette’s-like tick that I could not get rid of.

“I started taking prescriptions to counteract it, but nothing worked, so I tried CBD oil. In ten or twenty minutes the twitches had gone, and they never came back.”

Co-Founder of Starbuds CBD coffee shop Mr.Chu believes CBD oil can offer people an alternative to multiple forms of medication. However, he feels a lack of knowledge and confusion surrounding CBD oil in the UK is hindering it’s progress.

“There is a lot of confusion about the product – the first thing people think is ‘am I going to get high?’ but it is nothing like that.”

One major issue faced by many CBD cafes across the United Kingdom is the law surrounding the selling and consumption of CBD oil and CBD flower in the UK. Many small CBD stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland have increasingly been raided by police, while big brand stores such as Holland & Barrett continue to sell CBD oil with no obvious issues.

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Cannabis Legalisation In The UK

People have been questioning as to whether the UK is quietly rumbling towards the legalisation of cannabis.The legalisation of cannabis in the UK has always been a hot topic of debate with many MP’s preferring to sit on the fence when asked their opinion on the subject.

This all recently changed when not one but three MP’s came out in support of the drug in a recent BBC newsbeat documentary. In the documentary they claimed that cannabis could be legal in the UK in the next five years.

A recent survey in the UK by YouGov showed a big shift in public opinion in favour of the legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

CBD Products Available At Starbuds CBD Cafe

The latest CBD cafe to open in the UK has a list of high quality CBD products to buy that will satisfy anyone and everyone. You can buy CBD products such as CBD topicals, CBD oil, CBD paste, CBD edibles as well as a range of CBD infused meals. The CBD products used at Starbuds CBD cafe are part of their very own CBD range “How”.

Starbuds CBD cafe also sell eight different flavours of high quality CBD flower. CBD flower is the non-pyschoactive flower which is used by many for medicinal purposes.

You can choose between flavours such as strawberry, blackberry, tropicana and white widow to name but a few, with CBD content ranging between 10.5% to 14.9%.

Will we see more of a swing towards CBD cafes in the future? Or will confusion surrounding CBD legislation in the UK hinder their progress?